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Amber Brenza

Writer/Editor based in New York, NY

Currently: Tonic ( Formerly: Dr. Oz The Good Life, Prevention, and Men's Health

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1496954691816 birth control article

Birth Control Recalled Because It Could Get People Pregnant

The placebo pills got put in the wrong place.

1496873375308 adam jaime 119551 article

Yes, Drinking Affects Your Brain Longterm

But recent headlines blow things out of proportion.

1496847460587 gettyimages 518062252 article

Does Drinking While Pregnant Affect Your Baby's Face Shape?

A new study suggests that yes, even a small amount of booze might.

1496698389796 gettyimages 613835366 article

Choosing Coal Will Kill 52,000 People

A new study puts a body count—and a financial cost—on backing out of the Paris Accord.

1496429894795 gettyimages 691346484 article

Those Compression Tights Don't Do What You Think They Do

Might as well let the ol' calves breathe a little.

1496361021507 brunch article

Your Meal Times Could Help With Jet Lag

A new study found that when you eat affects your internal clock.

1496330727898 oxycontin pills article

Ohio Is Suing 5 Drug Companies for Lying About Opioid Painkillers

The companies downplayed their addictiveness and exaggerated their effectiveness, the suit alleges.

1495836794694 teens emergency room mental health article

More Teens Need Mental Health Evaluations in Emergency Rooms

Kids injured by drugs, alcohol, or violence have similar suicide risks as those who self-harm.

1495834911933 fotorcreated article

There's a New Reason We're All So Tired

Now do you care about climate change?

1495743361056 addiction facility overdose article

Two Staffers at Addiction Recovery Home Die of Overdoses

Residents at the group home found the men overdosing in their rooms.

1495637853580 maciej serafinowicz 452 article

Sunscreen Sold in the US Prevents Burns But Not Necessarily Cancer

A new report points to some problematic truths about SPF.

1495210133342 gettyimages 157291939 1 article

Man Dead and Woman Paralyzed After Eating Gas Station Nachos

Public health officials confirmed the cheese was contaminated with botulinum toxin.

1495484321977 rebekah ceidro kidney article

This Woman Lost 40 Pounds to Donate Her Kidney to Her Coworker

Rebekah Ceidro is saving her friend's life, and her own.

1495135376466 drug testing article

American Drug Use Is at Its Highest Since the Bush Era

We're sure there's no correlation here.