Amber Brenza

Amber Brenza

Writer/Editor based in New York, NY

Currently: Tonic ( Formerly: Dr. Oz The Good Life, Prevention, and Men's Health

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How a Baby Girl's Risky Surgery to Remove Her Parasitic Twin Bonded Two Families for Life

When baby Dominique needed surgery an ocean away, a family she had never met stepped in to help.

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How Two Separate Tragedies Gave One Man a New Face

In June 2016, Mayo Clinic performed its first-ever face transplant, and the story behind it — like the procedure — is anything but ordinary.

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I Kept This Health Issue A Secret—And It Almost Cost Me My Sanity

Sometimes your greatest fears come true. Mostly, they don't. This is the story I wish I could've read during my own health scare.

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Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

You know, because hibernation isn't an option.

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What's In Your Mouthwash?

The best ones go beyond minty-fresh breath.

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This Personality Test Is Creepily Accurate

Seriously, stop what you're doing. It's that good.